3 link with Panhard Truss

3 link with Panhard Truss

SKU: bpc3lnkpantrss

Replace that flimsy plastic truss with something SOLID. This 3 link truss with panhard mount was built to last from durable stainless steel! Hugs the axle to limit contact with the frame during flex, and to increase suspension travel. Features a 4 bolt attachment setup, instead of just 2! Designed for use with our Chassis kits that feature a built in CMS kit. Will work with other MFGRs CMS kits with modification. Eliminates the servo mount on the axle.

Fits the stock Axial SCX10 Axle housing.

Note: Does not include Panhard bar. Minor adjustment of the upper link lengths is required for proper pinion angle after installation, and removal of the servo mount studs is required.